What were the elements at the base of the origins of pottery companies in the Monregalese Area?

Clay, limestone, quartz, wood and water, this is what our land offers us.
The disposability of the essential elements to create the earthenware, creativeness and innovation created the perfect match that is still the starting point for our ceramic production.

1842, The beginning

In 1842 Giuseppe Besio from Albisola started the production of ceramics in Mondovì, establishing the most ancient pottery factory still present in Italy. The traditional ceramic is associated with white clay, bright colors and basic but soulful due to the ability and the creativity of the expert decorators in using both brushes and sections of sea sponge finely carved and used as tampons to create the edges of the dishes.

The simplicity of the everyday life; the logo “Vedova Besio & figlio”

Since the beginning the subject of our ceramics was the peasant world, a metaphor of a simple life but still full of experience.
Today the logo “Vedova Besio & Figlio” still identifies shapes,decorations and techniques typical of the Monregalese ceramics.
he brightness of the colors,the simplicity of the subjects, the precision in the decorative stroke, the warm family atmosphere are the characteristics of a product once destined to the humbles and now symbol of the unique artisanal expression in the decorative ceramic.

Today, the tradition is going on
with a newborn creativity

Gianni Rovea and Family carry on Besio traditions and subjects. The logo “Vedova Besio & Figlio” The logo is still stamped on each of our products realised with the same techniques of 200 years ago, as a warranty of authenticity and quality. But tradition is not our only driver: thanks to the continuous research we are going through new shapes and colors, meeting our customer’s needs and preferences. Your ideas and our ceramics intertwine together in a perfect alchemy creating unique personalised products.